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Our Expertise

Our expertise is a big part of what makes us great, its not everything though :) 
Below are some of the areas we specialise in.

IronCat has helped write technical and organisational roadmaps for a multitude of clients.  Understanding the business, how the people in the business view it and the strategic goals are fundamental to this.

IronCat can provide your business with guidance and measurable change programs to help improve productivity, moral, staff engagement and technical future proofing.

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The advent of Public Cloud service is changing the IT landscape for many businesses.  IronCat itself is entirely cloud based allowing us to show customers the advantages it brings.

Our consultants hold certification from Microsoft and Google on their respective platforms as well as having delivered a number of high profile projects in recent history.

We are pragmatic in our approach and cloud, public or private, is not always the answer.

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Private cloud has been the mainstream infrastructure practice for many years.  Operating costs were reduced with this technology and that is still true when compared to physical infrastructure. 

It can still be true when compared to Public Cloud.  This is why IronCat works with the client to understand the whole vision and not just the technical requirements.

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Strategy & Organization
Public Cloud
Private Cloud

IronCat has many years of experience operating within UK government ICT. 


Our staff have helped to deliver a number of high profile IT projects including public cloud migration, BCDR and secure environments.

One of our speciality skills is advising government clients on roadmaps that comply with GDS and designing services /environments that can be accredited to Official or above.

If you would like to talk to one of our SC cleared consultants please do call or email.


Traditional IT.  This is where most businesses are operating from and it has been the core of business IT delivery for decades.  Still a viable platform when architected correctly to avoid service sprawl and unmanaged costs.

We have 20+ years of on-premises infrastructure deployment, configuration and optimisation so if this is the best solution for you let us know and we can help to optimise your services.

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Hybrid cloud allows customers to move and create services in public cloud infrastructure while allowing existing infrastructure assets to run through to the planned end of life. 


IronCat have built hybrid solutions using Microsoft and VMware based on-premises hypervisors connected to Microsoft, Amazon, Google and VMWare public cloud environments.

Hybrid is often used where businesses have regulatory requirements to maintain certain datasets on-premises.

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Hybrid Cloud

We have assisted customers with supplier management on a number of enterprise and enterprise + programmes of work.

We work in the interest of our customers to make sure that the deliverables are achieved, driving the best quality and value from suppliers.  We maintain the relationships to ensure smooth delivery, this is a fundamental - technology is predicable, people are not !

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Supplier Management
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